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Thanks to Technesis, printing is no longer a fixed cost in doing business. By printing more efficiently, you’ll be reducing your costs, increasing your productivity and recovering your profits. Let us show you that smart printing means good business.

Customer Quotes

“Our Alliance with Technesis enables us to achieve true return on investment in helping our clients retain their output costs. We benefit by adding value to the client relationship.”

“We have been using the Technesis products since 2002. They continue to make great improvements in functionality and easability with each release. The ability to track our plots/prints has allowed us to bill our clients correctly and timely, without a lot of tedious interaction.
“The reporting features are phenomenal and the reports are well laid out. The support staff has always been extremely knowledgeable, very responsive, and always willing to help. Thanks for the software and we will continue (as always) to look forward to future releases that will continue to improve upon an already great set of products.”

“We have formed a strategic partnership by allowing them to learn our systems and environment, and in return they have tailored a solution to meet our needs.”

“Technesis competitors can claim to have the same feature set as Technesis and some may. What separates Technesis from almost every other software company we have worked with is their customer service and technical support. That cannot be matched.”

“We have been extremely happy with the products and service from Technesis. The customer service/support staff does whatever it takes to make sure a problem is fixed-even when the source of the problem wasn’t Technesis.

First class products and services!”

“Technesis solutions gives us better capability to track and manage our costs of printing, copying and scanning documents.”

“Technesis is a key tool for law firms to ensure accountability”

“We have found that Technesis has provided us with the best software support out of all the vendors we use.”

Compatibility and Integration

Current News

Technesis Print Control System v6.2

s31 September 2015

Technesis releases Print Control System v6.2, which includes full support for SQL Server 2012 and 2014.

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